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Painting Gabi the Beagle on Silk

So, the bad news is that on February 23, our adorable beagle, Gabi, died. She had bad asthma and some other health problems, and apparently encountered something on our walk that hit her lungs so badly she couldn’t recover. It was a quick end, which I guess is better than something long and drawn out, […]
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Me at Historic Apollo Mission Control Center, NASA Houston

My VIP Tour of NASA (Space: it’s Really Big!)

Sometimes, living in Houston has unexpected perks, as when some old friends turn out to also be former NASA researchers who can request VIP tours for visiting science fiction authors. My group, the Houston Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup, hosted a writers workshop with Chris McKitterick, director of the Gunn Center for the Study […]
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Quilt Festival in Pictures

At last, my International Quilt Festival 2016 photos are white-balanced and processed. Titles and artists have been added. I especially enjoyed the exhibit of Kathy York’s colorful quilts featuring 3-D elements and tiny worry people. They were very inspiring. I’m really encouraged by the use of shape and negative space in color quilts like hers, […]
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Art, Justice, and Remembrance

Given current events, it hasn’t seemed time to write much about my creative process, or to post photos and fun from the Quilt Festival. Those can come later.  Now there is a need for a different kind of discussion.   Art is a great part of healing, of action for justice, of finding tribe.  Art […]
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Painted Hippo Studio booth at Pearland Art & Crafts in the Pavilion, October 1, 2016.

Pearland Art and Craft on the Pavilion

Time to start craft-fairing. I finally bit the bullet, and thanks to my friends who also craft, we put together a fantastic set-up for our work at the Pearland Art and Craft on the Pavilion fair.  I got a lot done in a very short time.  I am especially impressed because at the same time […]