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Coffee Quest

Fabric – painted, appliqued, machine quilted Four friends gather around a table that is also a latte, in a mug displaying the Houston skyline. Around them, the names of Houston independent coffeeshops past and present reveal their city travels, with a border of latte art as seen over months of […]

We Can Quilt It!

Hand-painted silk; commercial cotton fabrics; machine pieced, appliqued, quilted. With nods to Gustav Klimt, to the Progressive Era, and all the women whose work in textiles went unacknowledged for centuries, this self-portrait looks to the future of textile art while showing reverence for the past. There are quilters going back […]


Fabric – appliqued, machine quilted  A classic view in Houston is that of bumper-to-bumper traffic framed by road construction.  The orange signs that warn of upcoming obstacles here warn of the neverending gridlock in our fair city. This quilt was part of the “Life in the Bayou City” exhibit at the […]

Wild Tales No. 42

Fabric; machine appliqued, quilted An homage to classic comic book covers with heroes in peril featured every issue, this quilt uses bold fabric prints to evoke the old school printing and resulting wild color choices of early comics art. From Jules Verne’s early adventurers to the members of the Justice […]