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Why Painted Hippo Studio, Keri?

Hippopotamuses are large, aggressive animals who gather in groups in the water, called herds or pods. Their large size and semi-aquatic life gave them their name, which comes from the Greek words for river horse.

Painted Hippo Studio takes its name specifically from a set of ancient sculptures of hippos found in Egypt, made of blue faience (a type of glass) and painted with wildlife scenes from the banks of the Nile. Hippos were powerful protective gods in parts of Ancient Egypt, and their painted figurines offered that protection to the dead in tombs. Everytime I visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I visit their most famous painted hippo, called “William.”

Here at Painted Hippo Studio I’m a big fan of the hippo, both the genuine animal, dangerous and territorial, and the caricatures found in pop culture, from Hanna-Barbera animation to Sandra Boynton board books.

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