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Gift of Healing I: Penicillin

Silk fabric, cotton fabric, Tsukineko inks, aloe vera gel, cotton thread, copper wire, Misty Fuse, glue, crystals.Painted, appliqued, hand-guided machine quilted, sculpted fabric. 45 x 30 inches2021 Here Brigid, a healing deity, presents penicillium chrysogenum, the mold from which the antibiotic penicillin was cultivated. Although Brigid represents a symbolic idea […]

Pandemic Portraits I: Amy

Painted cotton fabric; commercial cotton prints; gold foil. Painted, appliqued, machine quilted.38” x 30” 2022 With the COVID19 pandemic came a focus on remote video conferencing and the curating of spaces for best presentation of self to the world. This personal visual curation parallels the formal painted portraits of the […]