Gift of Healing I: Penicillin


Silk fabric, cotton fabric, Tsukineko inks, aloe vera gel, cotton thread, copper wire, Misty Fuse, glue, crystals.
Painted, appliqued, hand-guided machine quilted, sculpted fabric.

45 x 30 inches

Here Brigid, a healing deity, presents penicillium chrysogenum, the mold from which the antibiotic penicillin was cultivated. Although Brigid represents a symbolic idea of medicine and magic, the discovery & production of penicillin was accomplished by human researchers. In 1945, Alexander Fleming, Howard Florey, & Ernst Boris Chain shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine for leading the research
that changed the world. In this time of crisis & medical innovation, we are reminded that it wasn’t so long ago that minor injuries could spell certain death. The leaps forward medicine has taken in the last century are worth documenting with gratitude & creative energy.

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