Portrait Society of America Conference Part 2

When not in demos at the conference, I spent some time out in the suburb of Atlanta where we were staying.  There was an art supply store right across the road. Convenient, or subtle torture? How to fit all the discounted deals into a carry-on?  Then there was the Banquet at the conference, featuring everyone’s favorite, a gold-foil wrapped chocolate medal.  And also the awards, of course.

I also got to view a couple of amazing galleries at the conference: first, the finished pieces from the Face Off Thursday night.

Plus the beautifully appointed library gallery of Finalists in the annual Portrait Society of America competition.

Obviously this isn’t all of them.  These are the ones that particularly struck me in the gallery.  I didn’t get a photo of a few that I really loved, including my vote for “People’s Choice” (Mother Courage, by Ricky Mujica, which beautifully captured a New York City subway car and map in a few choice lines of color.)


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