Musical Mornings (and portraits)

This morning Dad and I got out of the house extra-early to attend Creative Mornings Houston’s program with Quinn Bishop of Cactus Music, hosted by the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
In typical fashion, Dad immediately ran into someone from the neighborhood where he grew up, who attended high school three years behind him. They discussed common places and people for a while before the event. Then we got to see John Egan play, which was a nice bonus. Quinn Bishop’s talk was really interesting. I learned some things I hadn’t known about the music industry. It was a great way to spend a very musical morning, really.

Music has been on the brain lately, since my current painting project is a portrait of Dad playing his best beloved guitar. Other stuff coming out of my studio includes selfies for the internet and a painting of a hand. I got some good critique on the hand, so that’ll be adjusted in coming days, too.

Up next: finishing alla prima portrait from the model (with a photo reference), and laying out portrait of my brother and his wife – this one will be colored pencils, and not musical. Plus – finishing my colored pencil sunflowers.

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