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Musical Mornings (and portraits)

This morning Dad and I got out of the house extra-early to attend Creative Mornings Houston’s program with Quinn Bishop of Cactus Music, hosted by the Houston Museum of Natural Science. In typical fashion, Dad immediately ran into someone from the neighborhood where he grew up, who attended high school […]

Starting Afresh

So I’m once more experimenting with new themes and having trouble, but so far the blog at least has stayed intact.  We’ll see if I can work out the kinks in the rest of it shortly. Meanwhile I guess I’ll be looking into some outside services for portfolios and featuring […]


Just in time for my class, I upgraded the theme on my portfolio and have to re-do everything. Argh! All the portfolio posts have gone away, and I really should have taken notes about the dates before I did that, so I can re-post them in the right order. Working […]