Quilt Festival 2015 Report

Houston had a Quilt Festival, and it was awesome!

So many wonderful works of art. The special exhibits were amazing. I took a lot of photos, some of which were more impressive than others. (Turns out it’s hard to tell the photo is blurry on the tiny screen of my camera.)

Big Love, modern quilt design based on sound wave pattern of the word LoveThis one is a modern quilt based on the wavelength of the spoken word “love”. I really did not expect to enjoy the modern quilt section as much as I did. The whole idea of traditional piecing is not terribly appealing to me, but I can see how the modern quilt movement uses geometric piecing to create new, innovative designs that feature different patterns of quilting. Exciting! photo of an art quilt featuring lotus flowers and koi fish
This one uses an intriguing layering technique to create the illusion of depth in the water where the koi fish are swimming. It’s a great visual trick.

photo of quilt designed to resemble Hokusai's Wave made with tiny square pieces
Tiny squares seemed to be the order of the day, although the traditional hexagons were still in heavy rotation. The pixelated look is very ‘in’. This was one of the most appealing of the pixel-y ones.

There are several hundred photos in the Flickr set. Go get lost in them. I’ll wait.

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