Neighborhood Wildlife

PSA: if you aren’t backing up your photos on your phone, make a backup plan now. I lost some pretty sweet process photos and my holiday snaps when I shattered my phone. Boo!

Anyway, I’m hip-deep in works-in-progress right now, so have some adorable photos of my neighborhood anoles:

We found this guy on our walk with Gabi around the neighborhood looking for fun photos of plants fighting for life through the urban environment.

Anole in the Wild

And this guy just showed up and started flirting on our porch railing! Oooh, baby.


I’ve been really enjoying learning to paint with oils in the last few weeks. I just started, but the studio and class time have been SO worth it. Oils are awesome.
I’ve still got the acrylics set-up, too, and am working in colored pencils and watercolors for some products.

What I’m really excited about are the textile projects. Not just the quilts, which are challenging and exciting enough, but also some intriguing ideas for other fabric art. Can’t wait to share more about those once I have some process photos and know if the outcome will work. Ah, experiments.

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