Wild Tales Issue #42

When the Quilt Festival put out a call for comic book themed quilts, it seemed a natural fit for my interests. I immediately thought of all the crazy times my favorite heroes had gotten into trouble with weird monsters. Also, I just really like the majestic, intelligent octopus.

An Original Comic Imprint

Instead of trying to figure out how to tackle a trademarked character, I opted to make up my own imprint (of course), and used my own characters.

This one is a bit of a contrast to some of my recent quilts, in that it is all fabric with no painting. It harks back to the very first quilts I made when I got my longarm machine, raw-edge applique in many layers to get color and depth in the composition.

At the end of the day, this did not make it into the comics-themed exhibit, and I can see some flaws in the values and composition that I’d correct in a second pass if I did one. It was a fun one to make, though, and gave me some ideas for others to make in series with it.

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