New Year, New Work

I’ve been enjoying some serious and intensive art marketing and business training for the last couple of weeks, in company with a fantastic Artists’ Retreat in Galveston and some other events.
It’s been a long few weeks since I returned to town from my annual trek to the outskirts of Philadelphia for the New Year.
I’m working on some new projects, too.
On Retreat I got a new portrait study started. I’m planning a larger canvas for the full work.

At my workspace with portrait-in-progress, plus bonus Avengers.
At my workspace with portrait-in-progress, plus bonus Avengers.

I’m also working on a few other pieces that may make good prints for the store. We’ll see. My goal, of course, is to have a three good pieces to take to the next VAA Invitational selection night. The Opening Reception for the latest Invitational was last night at Avis Frank Gallery, and the work on display was surprising and awesome. Of course, I expected the awesome, but there were quite a few pieces that surprised me. I think there are some works there that make me hopeful even for some of my textile work to eventually be something I’d submit.

Today is the last day of the Thriving Artist Summit, as well, which has been very illuminating. I’m still listening to the last few recordings. Between the intensive listening and the freebies, there’s a lot of work yet to be done.

Thank goodness for my new studio! I’ll be fully moved in by this time next week! Hooray!

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