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Staying home, working safe

With classes canceled for the next few weeks at least, I am here at home. I’ve been through a lot of Disney movies and other lighthearted fare on the TV, and I’m working on a few projects. The Alison Glass / Giucy Giuce Mini Series Sew Along started on Sunday, […]

Web Site Info

Visitors may have noticed that the site has been down for a while. A crisis in the WordPress backend meant, at the end of the day, a complete re-installation, stripping back to the basics, by my IT folks. (Thanks, Tim!) It took a while to get it going, and I […]

Portraits Alla Prima

In addition to some technical difficulties regarding the website (still in the fixing stage – more on that in posts to come, I’m sure), this month I’ve been in workshop with live models for acrylic portraiture. I’m pretty excited about what came out of those sessions, although nothing is yet […]