Late Report from ApolloCon

I spent most of the convention sitting a table in the Dealers’ Room, because I was in charge of the Charity Auction on site.  It wasn’t a terrible duty, and we made some great sales. Also got some good donations.

I had two programming items: first, I ran a really exciting Artist Trading Card Make-and-Take workshop.  Everybody who attended seemed to have a good time.  I want to get the word out earlier next time, so folks who are in the know can bring their own materials if they want.  It was really a great way to spend a couple of hours.  Second, I sat in on a panel about the use of language, language learning, and foreign language translation in fiction.  Also a bit of conlang, since sometimes the foreign language in question is Klingon or Elvish or whatever.  That was really fun.  We had a few enthusiastic audience members and discussed some interesting shows, books, and movies that used language to propel the plot.

My big feature was the Art Show, though.  I had one panel, and although I felt unprepared for the event, I feel like I put together a pretty good presentation nonetheless.  Here’s a photo of my board:

photo of art board at ApolloCon 2015 featuring 15 pieces hung on a pegboard
My board in the Art Show at ApolloCon 2015.

I did not get to attend much of the con itself, although I did see the entirety of the Masquerade this time since I helped set it up and then served as one of the catchers from the stage.  I had a lot of jobs going on, but we were short a lot of concom this year. ApolloCon – always looking for new fans to help us run a great show.  It takes a lot of dedicated hands.

Our new hotel appeared to work out, so there’s some hope that we’ll be able to get the con in there again.  I think that would be pretty cool, personally.


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