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Comicpalooza is coming: meet & geek with us

So this year, I’m representing Friends of Fandom (aka Houston Science Fiction Association, the people who brought you ApolloCon) at Comicpalooza on a panel called “Meet & Geek with HSFA” on Saturday, May 13. (6pm, Room 352D, I believe. Check the final schedule to be certain. Badges required!) We are […]

photo of art board at ApolloCon 2015 featuring 15 pieces hung on a pegboard

Late Report from ApolloCon

I spent most of the convention sitting a table in the Dealers’ Room, because I was in charge of the Charity Auction on site.  It wasn’t a terrible duty, and we made some great sales. Also got some good donations. I had two programming items: first, I ran a really […]

DetCon1 Schedule

So I’m just popping up at random here in the journal-sphere to mention that I’m appearing on Programming at DetCon1, the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) that’s happening in Detroit starting this Thursday. Here’s my schedule (or at the website): Time – Title – Room Thursday, 17 July 4pm […]