Portraits Alla Prima

In addition to some technical difficulties regarding the website (still in the fixing stage – more on that in posts to come, I’m sure), this month I’ve been in workshop with live models for acrylic portraiture. I’m pretty excited about what came out of those sessions, although nothing is yet finished.


I also completed the latest incarnation of Make Art That Sells, this one a course about Home Decor.  The course was a huge challenge for me in terms of style and subject, but I hope that I’ve learned some things I can apply to other projects.  Certainly the habit of “mini”s before every project is a nice one to have. Like doing gesture drawings to warm up during a figure session.

At the end of the course, I had five boards based on the different substrates of the course, and one “summary” collection board.  The substrates were metal, glass, fabric, ceramic, and wood/MDF.

Every time I take Make Art That Sells I come away initially very discouraged by my prospects for selling anything, but after a few more weeks I level out again. I might need to focus on some illustrative projects for a while, or maybe load some of the science fiction convention art into some online forums like RedBubble or Society6.

I can’t show in-progress shots of my commissions, but I am still taking custom portrait work. Email me or use the form on the site if you have a project you’d like to talk to me about.

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