Quilting full steam ahead

Ha, ha – it’s an ironing pun, get it? Ahem.

I’ve had steam ironing on the brain because I can’t steam the fabric I’m working with right now. We have all these samples and bolt ends of dupioni silk from a Quilt Festival past, and boxes of little fabric swatches from home decor sample books, and I’m using only those in my current art quilt. Working with silk is turning out to be very educational, and I’ve read several blog articles from other quilters about it. Here are the most helpful ones: Quilting with Silk from Dena Dale Crain, and Taming Silk Dupioni from Cheryl Lynch.

I’m using a featherweight fusible interfacing for the silk, and I expect to use some of it for the home decor samples, but for some of those I’ll just use Mistyfuse on the muslin “canvas” that has the design lines on it. Then we’ll find a lightweight batting and hopefully the fusible interfacing won’t get too tacky for quilting down the silks.

I’m using regular thread for the seams right now – any opinions on whether I should use silk thread to do the surface quilting design?

Ooh shiny! #silk #dupioni #quilting

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