Comicpalooza is coming: meet & geek with us

So this year, I’m representing Friends of Fandom (aka Houston Science Fiction Association, the people who brought you ApolloCon) at Comicpalooza on a panel called “Meet & Geek with HSFA” on Saturday, May 13. (6pm, Room 352D, I believe. Check the final schedule to be certain. Badges required!)

We are also having two associated but not badged events that day: Meet & Geek: Early Edition will feature fans getting caffeinated at 11 am in the Starbucks Lounge on the 2nd Floor South of the GRB Convention Center. Everybody needs some coffee or tea goodness in the morning, right? And the GRB has a great new comfy seating area at the very southern end of the building, including an outdoor seating area.

Meet & Geek: Late Edition will be immediately following the panel, at 7pm. We’ll start at the 2nd Floor north end of the GRB, at the skyway crossing for the new Marriott hotel. From there, we’ll explore some of the new bars and hangouts on Discovery Green. Updated locations will be posted to the Meetup comments. 

We’re working hard at HSFA to make fun events for local fans, and we’d love to see you and hear your thoughts about what Houston needs to connect fans and have more fun, geeky events. ApolloCon was a great event, and we’d love to have it again, or more like it, but for that we need people.  Let’s see what we can do together.  

You can RSVP to both events on Meetup, and don’t forget to check out all of our fantastic local authors on the Literary Track all weekend. The independent and small presses are usually very well represented, in addition to a few big names as anchor appearances. (And the media guests are great, too, I guess? If you’re into that sort of thing.) 

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