Taking up a quilt challenge

This has been a busy few weeks, as I decided to teach myself advanced piecing techniques by doing two simultaneous challenges: #100days100blocks2017 on Instagram, and the Houston Modern Quilt Guild‘s 2017 Mystery Quilt. 

Here’s my progress on the Mystery Quilt: 


#hmqgsewandtell @paintedhippo #hmgqmysteryquilt

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And here are the first 20-something blocks from the #100blocks100days2017 challenge: 

Finished blocks for the first quarter of the 100days100blocks challenge, on the design wall

This challenge uses Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book as the guide, and each block has a specific day that you have to post it. Keeping up with the calendar is a challenge, but so far I have managed to stay at least 2 days ahead. 

While I am enjoying the challenge for the design fun and the social aspects, I do not think that I am learning to love piecing.  LOL.  I am much more comfortable with painting or appliqué. I do want to learn more about paper piecing, though. I think that could be amazing for doing some complex images without driving myself nuts.  We shall see! 

I’m working on different kinds of zipper pouches and bags for my July re-stock on the Etsy store.  I’ve got a lot of simple pouches done, but I want to throw some more interesting shapes into the pool, as well.  Those sneak peeks will be coming soon, and products launch after July 4th.  

I’ve been debating the fate of the 100 blocks from the challenge, since I don’t typically do big quilts. I was thinking that some of them would make great accents on larger bags or other items.  Then again, by the time I’m finished maybe I’ll be in love with the idea of having a full-sized quilt that I made. 

There’s something very satisfying in using something you have made in your home, or at work. Now I have to convince more people that it’s great to use something I have made in their home! 



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