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Portraits Alla Prima

In addition to some technical difficulties regarding the website (still in the fixing stage – more on that in posts to come, I’m sure), this month I’ve been in workshop with live models for acrylic portraiture. I’m pretty excited about what came out of those sessions, although nothing is yet […]

photo of art board at ApolloCon 2015 featuring 15 pieces hung on a pegboard

Late Report from ApolloCon

I spent most of the convention sitting a table in the Dealers’ Room, because I was in charge of the Charity Auction on site.  It wasn’t a terrible duty, and we made some great sales. Also got some good donations. I had two programming items: first, I ran a really […]

Portrait Society of America Conference Part 1

So it turns out that a Portrait Society of America Conference is actually just a whole bunch of painting demos with mics on the artists, plus a few panels on one afternoon and a big banquet. Which is not to say that it was boring or not what I paid […]